What should We Pay Attention to when Choosing Material for Tombstones

The selection of tombstones should take into account the design, color, variety, crystal particles, cracks, defects and physical and chemical properties of stone.

Used stone material is given priority to with granite headstone, different countries, even in different parts of the same country with stone tombstone variety, color also have different preferences, such as Japan's kanto region is given priority to with colored, green granite, tombstone the kansai region, be fond of tonal slant light grey granite.YangShi tombstone of materials more than Japanese tombstones rich, in addition to the grey, black granite, Indian red, brilliantly coloured red red series, yellow, green, gray and blue series granite can be as YangShi tomb stone materials, some YangShi also use red, white marble tomb.

As materials of tombstone gray granite is the main material of Japanese style tombstone series, the so-called gray in color brown as the main characteristics, and including dark gray, light gray and silver grey, blue, gray, and a series of tones.The polished surface of stone is black and white, fine flowers and grey (mixed color) when seen from afar.Among all the gray stone materials, the tone of the polished surface is silver gray and blue gray.With stone tombstone tone is very important, usually tombstone are complete set of sales, therefore, request as a tombstone is tonal wants even, crystal grain size should agree, it is best to cut out on the same piece of waste materials in accordance with the same set of all kinds of form a complete set of stoneware stock of the tomb.If it is not possible to choose from the same raw material, the same colored waste material from the same mine and pit should be used for processing.

The choice of tombstone wastes has a great influence on the production of materials.The selected gravestones should be free from cracks, scars and colorless lines, requiring low water absorption, stable physical and chemical properties and even crystallization.