The Processing Method of Cherry Flower Red Stone

Cherry flower red stone is a kind of granite tiles  which has been widely used in the construction of architectural gardens and is mainly produced in shandong province.Can be processed into fire board, litchi noodles, polishing board, etc.The high buildings decorated with cherry blossom and fire board have been witnessed by all in the country, and are also popular stones exported to Japan and Korea.Sakura red stone color light elegant, big flowers, polished after the panel like sakura blooming, is the Japanese businessmen take the elegant "sakura red", is the first choice stone to decorate the warm color bedroom environment.

Uniform structure, quality of a material is solid, color beautiful, is a high-quality building stone, can be used as a plank, shakedown, countertops, engraving, engineering cladding, indoor wall panels, flooring, square plate, environmental decorative luyandan and other building or garden stone material.

The processing method of sakura red stone

1. Saw the natural granite into the board first, and after initial grinding of the board surface, put it on the fixed frame after initial grinding;

2. The surface of the newly ground cherry red stone is sprayed with flame, which is characterized by the use of acetylene, oxygen and spray gun, and the flame moves evenly on the board surface.

3. The mobile speed is 120 ~ 250 mm per second, spray gun and the distance from the plate mouth is 20 ~ 40 mm, and each other into Angle, the flame temperature of 800 ~ 1000 ℃, flame burner in shandong white hemp before spraying.

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