How to Identify the Quality of White Pearl Stone

White pearl stone, or white granite is one type of granite tiles , quality excellent, high surface finish, corrosion resistant to acid and alkali resistance, hardness, density, high iron content, no radioactive, white linen, similer United States white pearl, a kind of grey color, spreading ash pitting, and design and color is more uniform so called white pearl stone.White pearl is most famous in shandong province for its large flowers, medium flowers and small flowers.How to identify the quality of white pearl stone?

First view: that is, the visual observation of white pearl stone surface structure.Generally speaking, the stone material with uniform fine material structure has exquisite texture, which is a good stone product.Coarse and unequal stones have poor appearance, mechanical properties and quality.In addition, due to the influence of geological action, some fine veins and micro-cracks are often produced in natural stone materials. White pearl stone is most likely to break down along these parts and should be removed with attention.As for the lack of edge less Angle is more aesthetic, especially when choosing.

Second measure: that is, the size and specification of stone material.In order not to affect the Mosaic or cause the patterns, patterns, line deformation after the Mosaic, affect the decorative effect.

Three hear: that is, listen to the stone percussion sound.Generally speaking, the white hemp stone with good quality, compact and uniform interior and no micro-crack has a clear, crisp and pleasing percussion sound.On the contrary, if there are microcracks or fine veins in white pearl stone, or the contact between particles becomes loose due to weathering, the percussion sound is rough and hoarse.

Four try: use simple test method to test the quality of white pearl  stone.Usually a small drop of ink is dripped on the back of the stone, such as the ink is quickly dispersed and leached out in four steps, which indicates that the particles inside the stone are loose or there are microcracks, and the stone is of poor quality.Conversely say clear hemp stone material is dense, quality of a material is good.

In the selection of finished sheet materials, as the stone material is natural, it is impossible to have the same texture completely, and there are differences in the level of technology in mining and processing.Most stones are graded.Granite stone has no color stripe, most have color spot only, still have a lot of pure color.The finer the mineral particles, the better.